Bringával és futva "rajzolt" GPS útvonalaim (egytől egyig saját ötlet). A GPS-rajzok Gyöngyös városban készültek.

GPS drawings - to draw pictures on street maps with GPS

While I am riding my bicycle or running, I'm also drawing something... Using GPS bike computer tracking to trace my routes throughout the city or in a field and forming them into different animals shape or interesting figures that become detailed pictures. I made the GPS drawings in a small town called Gyöngyös in Hungary. Area of Gyöngyös: 55,31 km². Adding up my GPS drawings so far, I have already drawn more than 1000 kilometers in this city.

by Garmin | Copyright © Holló Mariann

Making fitness fun! Plan your track on map first with a route planner. You need is a GPS watch or a fitness tracker on your smartphone to record track. Then go for a bike ride, run or walk. Your moving track becomes art. Be creative and have fun!

Az első GPS-rajzos animációm <> My first GPS drawing animation

Ez a vicsorgó oroszlánfej már a hetedik GPS-rajz animációm (Hanggal nézd de ne ijedj meg!) <> This snarling lion's head is my 7th GPS art animation (Watch with sound but don't be scared!) 🦁

Futás egy szántóföldön <> Running in a plough field (3D video from my GPX track)

Bringás GPS-rajzolás a város utcáin <> GPS drawing with my bike on the streets of the city (3D video from my GPX track)

Drawing with GPS